About Me

My journey to yoga began in a Vinyasa class in Boston, MA when a yoga instructor told me I could bend my knees in a downward facing dog. I had dabbled in yoga classes before, but always found that my natural inflexibility created an invisible barrier that kept me from reaching for my yoga mat. After this “aha” moment, these walls were knocked down. As my practice evolved, not only did my hamstrings loosen, but so did my expectations of what yoga is supposed to be. Yoga has given me strength, friendships, and the ability to fully accept myself exactly as I am.

Yoga translated from Sandskrit means union—this union is between body, mind, and breath; but it is also the union between people. My personal mission is to ignite community and build connection. I strive to build a safe space for individuals to explore their physical and mental boundaries while unlocking their personal power on and off the mat.

I teach a flowing and invigorating Vinyasa that links breath to movement, and movement with joy. My classes aim to foster happiness by cultivating communal breath and vibrant physical expression. The daily curiosity of my surroundings offer me inspiration for intuitive body movements to incorporate into classes. In this way, my teaching style is constantly evolving, allowing myself and my students to discover newness in every class.

I received my 200-hour Power Vinyasa Yoga training from CorePower Yoga in 2017 and went on to further my practice by also completing the CorePower Yoga Extensions Program in 2017. I have attended numerous additional workshops and have gone on to coach Yoga Teacher Training programs at CorePower Yoga.

Power Vinyasa // CorePower Yoga // 200 hour RYT // February 2017
Extension Program // CorePower Yoga // 50 hours continuing education // June 2017

Coach // CorePower Yoga // 200 hour RYT // October 2019
Coach // CorePower Yoga // 200 hour RYT // June 2018
Coach in Training // CorePower Yoga // 200 hour RYT // February 2018